The error message "Could not obtain license" can be caused by a lot of different things, but usually it is because the license server is not running or the license server settings are not correct. Follow the steps below to fix this. See if V-Ray is working after every step is completed.

  1. Make sure the VRLService is running as a service on the server machine. If not, follow this solution
  2. Ensure that the client is pointing to the license server by following this solution
  3. Check that firewall/anti-virus is not blocking the softwares access to the network and that TCP/IP port 30304 is not blocked

If you followed all the steps and it is still not working, create a support ticket with as much relevant information as possible (3D-program, V-Ray version, OS etc.). It is very important that you include the full error message, which contains a number. An error message might read "Could not obtain license -200".