The FlashPrint slicer program from is extremely stable, and we run it works well on virtually all new and old computers we tested.


If the program should crash, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • The 3D file is too big and consists of too many triangles. Then it crashes when memory management in the operating system does not cope with the large amount of data. It is also important to install the 64-bit version of FlashPrint. If this happens on your computer, try creating a lighter version of your 3D file and try again. For example, Export to STL format, you can choose resolution in most CAD programs.
  • If 3D files have a "broken" structure, such as too many holes, wrong faces, etc., a slicer software may crash when it tries to interpret the data and create real-time graphics for OpenGL. To fix this , Use a STL file retrieval program such as to test and fix the file.

If the above doesn´t help

Try installing latest FlashPrint on another computer and see if it works there. If you want a neutral file to test with, as we know works in any Slicer application, please download home # 3DBenchy at