Vissa nya Finders med firmware version "v2.0.17.279 Z11 20180526" går inte att uppgradera via Flashprint.

Steps for clearing the update mark

  1. Format the USB flash disk to FAT32.
  2. Copy the into the flash disk.
  3. Unzip to the root directly.
  4. Insert the flash disk to the printer and restart it, then the printer will enter into a screen to clean the update mark.
  5. After this steps, you will here a sound from the printer. Shut down the printer and pull out the USB flash disk.
  6. Format the USB stick again.
  7. Save the into the USB stick.
  8. Unzip to the root directory of USB stick.
  9. Insert USB stick into the printer USB port and power on.
  10. Restart the printer when promted.
  11. Now its possible to upgrade the firmware with Flashprint with USB cable.